Our monument services include; New Monuments, Pre-Need Monuments, Inscriptions, Setting, and Cleaning.

  • Flat Markers
  • Bronze on Granite
  • Bronze
  • Bevel Markers
  • Slant Markers
  • Upright Memorials
  • Specialty Memorials
Erickson Memorial Stone Erickson Memorial Bench

Commercial & Residential

Sandblasted stone and tile signs are both beautiful and a good investment. We can come to you and put your address on that huge boulder next to your driveway that you tell everyone to look for since no one can read your house number from the road... or we can put your address on a little tile and cut it to fit in that funny metal frame that we all seem to have attached to our houses.

Erickson Commercial Marker Erickson Residential Address

Pet Stones

We understand the loss and love that families feel when they lose a pet and put the same effort in our Pet Stone craftsmanship as we put in our Cemetery Memorials.

Erickson Pet Stone Erickson Pet Stone Marker